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    Hi there! My name is Russell Kowalske, and like most people I never quite know what to say in these sections. I grew up in Alpharetta GA and currently reside in Marietta with my wife of 7 years Kate and our dog Charlie who we usually end up calling Chuck. 

    I consider myself a curious person and love to learn new things, probably how I found myself hosting trivia for a few years. Meeting people and trying to get past the small talk and into things that people are passionate about is one of my favorite things to do. Some other interests of mine are: Soccer(Tottenham Hotspur FC/Atlanta United), Traveling (Just 2 continents left to see), Trying new foods, and Hiking.


My Work

    Working with Designers, builders and Architects that are as passionate about their work as I am mine is such a joy. I feel very lucky to be trusted with photographing these projects and showcasing the creative vision you have. This will be a collaborative endeavor as we tell the story of your work. 

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